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Lab Test Reports

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What is Medical Grade

Why Unotron technology is the leading choice.

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Washing Info

Washing Process

Hospital staff are all too aware of the general principles and importance of infection control on clinical equipment and surfaces. Yet how many of them have stopped to consider the cleanliness of one of the most frequently used pieces of modern day equipment – the computer keyboard.

It is unlikely that, you would find a clinical area without at least one computer and with the aim of having paperless hospitals utilising electronic patient records the potential risk for cross infection from keyboards needs to be seriously considered.

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Many clinical areas will have at least one centralised computer usually at the nurse’s station which is accessible to all staff but this may be in addition to other computers equally accessible in the surrounding clinical area.

The best method to prevent bacterial/viral transmission and cross infection from computer keyboards to staff to patients and so on is to have a keyboard that can be adequately cleaned and disinfected.

Washing Instructions

Should you be unsure of how to wash your Unotron product or would like to know what cleaning agents to use please consult our washing instructions.

Washing Process

Best Practice Wash Procedure For Healthcare

  1. A washbasin would be filled with a anti-bacterial / cleaning solution suitable for sterilising.
  2. Sterilise by completely immersing and shaking it in the sterilising solution. Actively agitate it around so that the liquid reaches every recess on all surfaces.
  3. The process of agitated immersion should require no more than 30 seconds to be effective.
  4. Shake vigorously to drain excess liquid and wipe dry.
  5. You can also disinfect your keyboard using a hospital grade disinfectant spray. Spray the keyboard and wipe dry with a sterile wipe.

Note! The Unotron SpillSeal keyboard is a hermetically sealed unit and can safely be used while still wet. The USB plug is also waterproof. If it gets wet just shake to remove the excess liquid. It can now be safely plugged back into your computer.

Important: Please observe the manufacturers instructions for the preparation and use of all cleaning fluids and wear the appropriate protective clothing.


Please see below for a list of compatible drivers for your Unotron products.

SAC2/SRC5/SRC6 Smartcard Reader Drivers

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Note: 32/64 provide drivers for both 32bit and 64bit Operating Systems.



What is NEMA4X

NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. They provide a forum for the standardization of electrical equipment, enabling consumers to select from a range of safe, effective, and compatible electrical products.

These Environmental ratings for enclosures are graded depending upon their effectiveness.

NEMA4X means that the UNOTRON SpillSeal? Keyboard is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is protected against windblown dust, rain, splashing water, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation.

What is IP66

A two-digit number established by the International Electrotechnical Commission, it is used to provide an IP (Ingress Protection) Rating to a piece of electronic equipment or to an enclosure for electronic equipment. The IP code indicates the level, or amount of protection.

The two digits represent two different forms of environmental influence:

The first digit represents protection against ingress of solid objects.

The second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids.

IP66 means that the UNOTRON SpillSeal? is protected against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction.

What does NEMA4X and IP66 Mean

These certifications mean that UNOTRON SpillSeal? Keyboards can be washed with soap, anti-bacterial's, surgical spirit and many other cleaning agents without any detrimental affect to the internal components or the keyboard itself, making it a safe and healthy environment to work in.


EC directive 2002/95/EC (the RoHS Directive) restricts the use of the hazardous substances listed below in electrical and electronic equipment.

The maximum concentration values of these restricted substances by weight in homogenous materials are:

We, UNOTRON?, hereby declare that ALL products manufactured from 1st March 2006 are in full compliance with EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS), thus ensuring that all products shipped, received or marketed by Unotron are compliant prior to the 1st July 2006 deadline for compliance.

Compliance is evidenced by written declaration from our suppliers and/or SGS testing report, assuring that any trace contamination levels of restricted substances are below the maximum level set by EU 2002/95/EC.

UNOTRON? has taken all reasonable steps to confirm suppliers' statements regarding the absence of the restricted substances and maintains an audit trail of relevant documentation to support this.


Environmental protection is of prime importance to UNOTRON in order to help conserve precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet.

As a global citizen, UNOTRON acknowledges its responsibility and continually attempts to reduce its environmental impact, whilst making the world a cleaner, safer place to live.

Responsible Manufacturing

UNOTRON helps to preserve the environment, as well as consumers’ safety by restricting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our materials and manufacturing processes by complying to both RoHS and WEEE.

ROHS - limits the use of heavy metals and ozone depleting substances in our products and manufacturing processes.

WEEE - aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment; and improve the environmental performance of all those involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic products.

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